Former Students

Some of Mr. & Mrs. Smith’s former students have majored in music at the following colleges and / or universities:

  • Anderson University (IN)
  • Anderson University (SC)
  • Ave Maria University (FL)
  • Ball State University (IN)
  • Bob Jones University (SC)
  • Bowling Green State University (OH)
  • Florida State University (FL)
  • Grace College (IN)
  • Houghton College (NY)
  • Indiana University (IN)
  • James Madison University (VA)
  • Liberty University (VA)
  • Millikin University (IL)
  • Pensacola Christian College (FL)
  • Stetson University (FL)
  • Trinity Baptist College (FL)
  • Union University (TN)
  • University of Central Florida (FL)
  • University of Florida (FL)
  • University of Michigan (MI)
  • University of Mobile (AL)
  • University of South Florida (FL)
  • University of Tampa (FL)

``I thought I was just signing up for voice lessons ... instead you gave me insight into life...``

``Thank you for being the best piano teacher ever ...``

``.. while abroad, I've run into quite a few so called ``piano players.`` It's interesting to notice how they lack basic theory and stuff that I took for granted until I saw how it affected their piano playing. So I would just like to thank you for not going easy on the stuff that I thought didn't matter; also they are all horrible sight readers. Thanks, you’re the best ..``