Our Mission

“To provide a quality music education to serious students”

J. LaVerne Smith, M.A., NATS
Jeannette M. Smith, B.A., NCTM

Smith School of Music, Inc. was established in January 1998 for the purpose of training children, youth and adults in a quality music education using standard literature, the classics, Broadway and sacred music.

PHILOSOPHY: To give students a music education with a thorough background and quality experience, developing them to their highest ability. Private lessons are very personal. This allows each student to progress at his or her pace while giving Individual and undivided attention. Performance classes are sometimes planned for the purpose of students sharing their music and to give them opportunity and experience to perform for others.

“Musical education is an investment in a lifetime of musical pleasure.”

Piano Lessons

• PIANO - beginner through advanced, technique, theory studies, understanding the science behind the music, music of the masters, solo recitals for advanced students, college prep
• HYMN PLAYING - church accompanying, hymn studies, solo hymn arranging
• ACCOMPANYING - in classical or sacred


• VOICE - breathing techniques, diction studies, literature suited to individual student, language studies, solo recitals for advanced students, college prep
• PIANO - beginner through late intermediate
• ORGAN - keyboard technique, classical, hymn accompaniment, literature of great composers, service music

That's Brilliant

Student's Humorous Tidbits

The student was struggling with the B minor scale and was so frustrated ... ”I worked so hard at home, you wouldn’t believe it!!” I said, “You’re right, I don’t believe it!”

When a student spent time chatting about his future and things that were troubling him, I apologized for taking lesson time. He said, “That’s o.k. You’re a lot cheaper than a therapist!”

I want you to know that you have ruined my enjoyment of America’s Got Talent … I keep thinking what you have told me about how to sing properly and ...!

A 9-year-old vocal student said to her teacher: “Mom doesn’t think that I practiced this week.” He responded, “Well, did you?” She quirked a look at her teacher and confidentially stated, “I passed it, didn’t I?”

After explaining something to a young fellow, apparently I was very serious, he looked at me and said: “Am I stressing you out?”

I wasn't feeling very good, the day dragged by with minutes crawling, when my last student of the day came. As we worked into his lesson, I apologized for being not energetic … I told him ``I'm not feeling very good ... that's why I'm so laid back today.`` He knew I hadn't been as firm as I normally am, so he leaned over to me and quizzically asked, ``Can you please feel this way more often?``

I mentioned to an adult student that he had been working on this piece for far too long. “How long has it been?” I asked. He grimaced, “Oh, I think about 2 years ...”, to which I laughingly said, “Well, I don’t want you to go to your grave playing it!!” He responded, “yeah ... and on my tombstone it’ll say, ‘he still didn’t get it right...!!’”

As he chatted with his friends – all of them girls from his own church, he bemoaned the fact that he was the only guy in an upcoming Performance Class. The gals said: “What!! Most guys would kill to be able to be surrounded by girls – especially us!!” To which he responded, “Yeah, but I know you!”

Visiting with you & playing the piano sure perked up my daughter. I dropped her off seemingly dragging, but she was all chatty and happy after. And she's been on the piano since we got home (that last part is usual). She definitely loves piano and her teacher!

``Hmmm`` a student said, after I asked him to play the Primary Chords, ``you mean those 1, 4, 5 thing-ee’s?``

``You know, I just realized something! You actually have to practice. You just can’t play it!``

When she was only 8 or 9, she told her Mom, “Mom, if you ever have to punish me for anything, please don’t take away my piano lessons!”